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Yes...The Market Can Be Predicted


  • I always believed that the stock market can be predicted. I somehow believed that, beyond the mankind and the machine that everyone believes to be making the tapes tick, there are some universal forces that control everything happening in the world.  I chose to believe that we are all part of an intelligent design by an infinite intelligence that exists in this universe.  After studying the subject and also understanding the work of W. D. Gann, who predicted the market 100 years ahead of time,  I realized that there is a relationship to the price and time and they appear in periodic intervals.....just as predictable as the high tide and the low tide that occur twice a day, every day.....just as predictable as the seasons that come every year.   

  • In my understanding human body comprises of 65% of water which is a conductor of electricity.  The celestial bodies interact with earth's magnetic field due to their motion around sun and thereby earth and any changes to that magnetic field induces certain changes to the electrical circuitry in our body.  These changes, in my opinion control our emotions and the behavior in the market.  So observing these changes in the celestial bodies' motion is  an indicator of the changes that are about to occur in the market....and that's what I am good at doing here in FinAstroTrader.com. Stock market analysis based on Gann Methodology & Financial Astrology

Why Us?


  • Timing the stock market is a mystery for many.  As per Gann, the price action in any market that's going to happen tomorrow has already happened in the past...not just once but three times !!!

  • Imagine if you could know  today what the market is likely to do tomorrow???

  • There are many methodologies, indicators and  services out there when it comes to trading the price action or following a trend; but practically a few when it comes to timing the market.    Coming into trading from an engineering and software development background,  after learning about W. D. Gann's way of predicting the market cycles and combining that with financial astrology, I have been able to identify patterns in the price action and timing and also the correlation between the two.    Using my mathematical and software development skills I've developed a few technical indicators that could pick the tops and the bottoms of any index, equity, futures or forex pretty accurately.  I've been trading the market myself for about 20 years or so and also educating my mentees to trade the market/instrument of their choice using my price and timing indicators and also with the financial astrology calendar that's meticulously prepared by a professional astrologer.

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